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Photograph of the CES University greenhouse

For several years, an initiative has been developing to open a greenhouse on the Poblado campus near Building A of the CES University, now, in 2019, it is a fact. This greenhouse will open its doors to students, teachers and staff of the Biology program of the Institution, for the next academic semester.

This space aims to carry out teaching, research and extension activities, as it arises as a necessity for the courses of Eco physiology, Plant Physiology and Plant Biotechnology. And also as a complement to the extension activities carried out in the Biotechnology Unit (UBi) where selected and high quality plant material is produced.

The professor of the Biology, Ecology and Pharmaceutical Chemistry programs at CES University, Diego Mauricio Martínez Rivillas, stated that “Some clients of the Plant Biotechnology Unit have the need for the micropropagated plants in the laboratory to be delivered to them already on the ground, that is, they are already adapted to field conditions, so the greenhouse emerges as that complement where we can make adaptation; It is a space that we had pending, for the teaching courses at the University, so that the students had a place to carry out practices with plants; and at the research level, it will enable us a space with controlled irrigation conditions, possibly lighting and others, which will allow us to carry out experimentation at the undergraduate and graduate level ".

In this space you will find vegetables such as vegetables, cut flowers, fruit trees, wood, aromatic, among other species, which will be distributed to clients of the University's Biotechnology Unit. These varieties will also be a research subject for teachers and students at CES University.Photograph of the CES University greenhouse door

It is cool as a biologist to have this experience from undergraduate, to accompany the entire process of the plants since they are in the laboratory, to see how they go through the hardening process and to have the plant at the end already large”, Affirmed Maximiliano Arcila González, a Biology student at CES University.

The student María Adelaida Escobar Vélez, stated that “The expectations with the place are too high, because it is a more visible space, that is, people are going to pass, they are going to see it and they are going to be interested in the subject. It is also to continue processes, in the UBi there is in vitro material, but here it is possible to continue with that ex vitro process, acclimatize it and expand the products of the unit ".

The greenhouse brings many benefits, both for the students, because it means having a practice site, a place where they can apply the knowledge obtained in the class, and for the clients, since the services offered by the Biotechnology Unit will increase. of the University CES -UBI- for the agricultural sector, the sector of flowers and foliage that are its main clients.

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