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The Founders Library of ouralma mater It has one of the most important databases in the world in the scientific, technological and medical fields. SpringerLink has been growing since 1996 to become the leading online source of scientific information for international researchers, and our university community can now make use of it.

Screenshot of the springerlink page

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

"SpringerLink is one of the five databases that are part of the Colombia Consortium for the acquisition of bibliographic resources to which the CES University belongs and that are available mainly to support the research and teaching processes in the institution", commented Nora Ledis Quiroz Gil , head of the Fundadores Library.

This database contains about 3 million journal articles and book chapters organized by topics such as: behavioral sciences, biomedical and biological sciences, management and economics, humanities, social sciences and law, among others. In addition, in the latest version of this database, some of its features have been improved, such as the search engine, direct links to bibliographic citations, among others.

The entire academic community has free access to this database by entering theFundadores Library websiteWith the username and password assigned to use these resources and if you do not have them, you can also manage them through the library page.

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