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Image of the dental study carried out by researchers from CES University

27 years ago, in the town of Damasco - Antioquia, a study began where researchers from the CES University School of Dentistry led by Dr. Iván Darío Jiménez Vargas, graduate and now director of the growth and development research line facial of the CES-LPH research group, in company with the statistics departments of the CES and Nacional de Colombia universities, Medellín headquarters, they sought to know what the growth and development of the face of a normal individual was like over time.

This study is called Changes in facial growth in a Colombian mestizo population: an 18-year longitudinal follow-up study using linear mixed models.

With this investigation, changes in face measurements were detected during the 18-year follow-up, which were significantly affected by age and sex. The growth peaks were between 12-14 years for women, and 14-16 years of age for men.

Image of the dental study carried out by researchers from CES University

We have a sample of 54 young people, which we started in 1992, and we are still following them. This makes us the only study with the longest and most constant follow-up in the world, there is no other, and it is also the only study that has spent 20 years following the sample without treatment.”, Clarified the director Iván Jiménez.

Nowadays some people have their faces intervened, and this is a study that will serve as a reference to carry out the controls and take into account in other investigations, and it will not only generate normal growth standards, but it will also serve to control plastic surgeries, orthodontics, dermatology, etc.

The director Iván Jiménez, expressed “With this study there is a lot of research that CES can do, unimaginable, in the medical and dental areas. It is a database that we give to the University (…) and it only remains to thank the rector of the University, Jorge Julián Osorio, Dr. Rubén Dario Manrique and the current dean Julián Emilio Vélez, because they believed in the project”.

The study will be published in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics in April 2020.

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