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Photography Periodontal disease

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Researchers and teachers from the group of Basic Dental Sciences (CBO) of the Faculty of Dentistry of the CES University, Andrés Duque Duque and Adriana Colonia García, published for the first time in Colombia a systematic review that identified 9 studies from the international scientific literature, who associate periodontal disease (gum disease) as one of the possible causes of oral cancer.

Periodontal disease affects the gums and manifests as an inflammation of the tissue caused by bacteria arising from poor oral hygiene. This condition can become aggravated and cause the teeth to fall out.

This study sought to evaluate all scientific articles published up to 2018 that had to do with periodontal disease, and select those that specifically associated this condition with oral cancer and potentially malignant lesions.

Our conclusion is that, although these topics have been studied, there is not much literature on the matter and these articles did not evaluate the parameters that periodontists use to define whether there is disease or not. The literature suggests that there is a relationship between these pathologies, but the evidence so far requires more well-designed methodologically studies to establish this association.”, Explained researcher Adriana Colonia.

The investigation spanned two years, starting in 2018, and was published in the scientific journalActa Odontológica Scandinavica,which specializes in research publications in the dental area and appears in Nordic countries (Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden).

This systematic review provides new knowledge about this possible relationship and will serve to carry out studies, such as a controlled clinical trial or long-term follow-up, where this incidence in patients can be evaluated and the relationship that exists can be identified.”, Said the teacher Andrés Duque.

The researcher added that with these studies it is expected that there will be more awareness of the need for joint work between dentistry and medicine, to prevent this type of pathology and other medical conditions, and reduce the risk of its onset or progression.

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