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This teaching assistance headquarters was established on October 25, 1982, currently it has four attention centers and two research centers that allow the rotation of students and the provision of services for the community. Their growth has been quite noticeable, since they have expanded their portfolio of services, remodeled their infrastructure and advanced in the technological component.

Last Friday, October 25, a meeting was held between employees and managers to commemorate the years of existence of the IPS CES Sabaneta. The rector of the institution, Dr. Jorge Julián Osorio Gómez, expressed: "We congratulate the headquarters and all its collaborators, Sabaneta will always be special, because it is where the first generations of CES University began to work".

He also mentioned how enriching it has been for the university to have the ICMT Colombian Institute of Tropical Medicine.

Rector of the CES University

Photos: Organizational Communication Office

In the same way, Dr. Andrés Vélez Vélez, manager of the IPS CES Sabaneta in his speech highlighted: "The growth of the headquarters has been the result of the efforts of all of us who make it up, each one plays a very important role and we are going for more, because our goal is to continue improving."

After the words, the birthday was sung at the headquarters in the cafeteria area, the attendees could enjoy a dessert table and share with each other, also the moment was quite emotional, since there was a mural of memories with photographs of the collaborators and of all the changes that the IPS CES Sabaneta facilities have undergone. Finally, the attendees were able to leave their message of congratulations and gratitude to the headquarters and the CES University.

The meeting, in addition to the Rector of the University and the Manager of IPS, was attended by Dr. Julián Emilio Vélez Ríos, dean of the Faculty of Dentistry; Dr. Luis Ernesto López Rojas, director of the ICMT; Dr. Mónica Reina Alzate, academic coordinator of the School of Dentistry and some coordinators of the care centers.


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