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photograph of the waiting room of the ips ces sabaneta respecting the security protocol

Photograph: Office of Communications and Marketing

When entering the IPS CES Sabaneta, the temperature measurement and disinfection mats are no longer used, which were protocols that had been adopted since the beginning of the pandemic, but the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Institute Health (INS) showed that these parameters are not more effective against the spread of the virus.

With the above, the service center continued with the most effective measures dictated by the Ministry of Health, such as frequent hand washing, physical distancing, ventilation of spaces and the mandatory use of face masks for people who are found on campus.

Patients of all services are required to present the confirmation of their appointment that is sent in advance via text message or by email, thus allowing capacity control.

"For us it is very important that our patients feel that they are in a safe place, where we take care of their health and take care of ourselves ," said Elizabeth Barrientos Rojas, coordinator of the IPS Quality and User Service office.

For its part, the headquarters has signage in the classrooms, in the waiting rooms, on the tables in the cafeteria, doctor's offices and in the elevator that remember to avoid the crowding of people and maintain due distance.

Another of the measures that are maintained is the adequate cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and waste management, such as the establishment of a garbage point to deposit disposable personal protection items.

Finally, the students, collaborators and teachers who join the IPS complete the CES application that takes care of me that the University enabled from the beginning. In addition to the permanent use of a mask, a mask, a cap and a disposable gown, a N95 mask, a surgical mask, mono glasses, gaiters and a double glove are required for dental care personnel.

"We are being very strict in the use of personal protection elements for students, teachers, care and administrative personnel, because we consider that all these measures have proven to be very positive to avoid contagion within the Institution." Barrientos Rojas added.

Currently, complying with the measures implemented by the Antioquia Government such as the curfew decreed until April 19, the IPS CES Sabaneta provides the service from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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