The IPS CES Sabaneta provided 14,752 virtual and face-to-face care to patients since it resumed its administrative and care activities on May 11, 2020. Of this total, 8,138 are Psychology services or consultations, 2,531 in Dermatology, 2,406 in Dentistry, 1,998 in Physiotherapy and 39 nutrition consultations.

"A thank you falls short of the great effort made by the IPS CES Sabaneta and Warehouse team to maintain themselves under the high standards of biosafety, complying with the rules and overcoming the limitations in space that were presented during these months," said the Dr. Andrés Vélez Vélez, manager of the IPS CES Sabaneta. Photograph of the façade of the IPS CES Sabaneta

The reopening of the headquarters was carried out by an internal committee supported by the areas of Occupational Health, Administration and Communications with the guidance of a detailed plan.

" The result is evident, the adoption of virtuality helped us a lot and it is here to stay now that we are starting a new stage," added Dr. Vélez.

Diana María Ocampo Lopera, coordinator of the Center for Attention in Psychology, considers that the success was based on the fact that all the collaborators, including the administrative and healthcare part, have incorporated the new work logic from the moment they enter until the end of the day.

"It was that sense of commitment, having the ability to articulate and support us from the different areas of the University and the IPS, in addition to that constant accompaniment of the directives and that love that the entire team of professionals has," added the coordinator .

Currently, the Institution offers a new Optometry service, adding to the portfolio of services that it already has established to continue contributing to the well-being of health in the south of the Aburrá Valley.

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