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Photography: Firefighters

Photography: IPS CES Sabaneta

As every year, the IPS CES Sabaneta was inspected by the Voluntary Fire Department of Sabaneta to verify the necessary requirements to deal with incidents within its facilities.

Some of the regulations verified by firefighters were: the proper location and operation of the warning and alarm system, the emergency lights and fire extinguishers, the signaling of the evacuation route and the supply of the fire network.

It was found that it meets the requirements of Human Safety and Fire Protection Networks demanded by the Volunteer Fire Department of Sabaneta. Therefore, a Favorable Technical Safety Concept is granted for a term of one year from the date of issue.”Stated the certificate received by IPS.

Marco Aurelio Parra López, inspector in charge of certification, praised the importance it has, since: "Certification represents the commitment of those public or private establishments and where massive influx of public is handled to verify and reduce the risks that may arise inside their spaces, protecting all those who are in it in compliance with Law 1575 of August 21, 2012, in its article 42 where the exclusive power is given to the fire brigades according to their jurisdiction to carry out technical ocular inspections ”.

After the inspection carried out in March of this year, the IPS CES was certified last October for the third time in conjunction with the Colombian Institute of Tropical Medicine -ICMT- located at the same headquarters.

“Recertification indicates that you have a more secure space. It certifies that the people inside the building have all the security measures and basic implements in case there is a conflagration, a seismic event, among others ”, said Andrés Vélez Vélez, manager of IPS CES Sabaneta.

The process involved economic efforts and the provision of a complete team led by Sandra Medina Medina, IPS Health and Safety Assistant at the IPS, and Sara Tobón Henao, ICMT quality assistant.

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