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Photography: Courtesy John Wilson Osorio

John Wilson Osorio, head of the Department of Humanities and professor at CES University for 20 years, was the only representative from Colombia who participated in the Second International Congress on Literature, Art and Disease, with his presentation Deafness: source of creation of the best work of LV Beethoven.

The teacher's work focused on pointing out how deafness served as a creative force for one of the greatest musical geniuses in history, the German Romantic composer, Ludwig van Beethoven. In this way his work was immersed in the central theme of the Congress, which brought together speakers from various countries to show how the disease has influenced art, literature, music and cinema.

When Beethoven contemplates suicide upon realizing the progress of his deafness, there is also a manifest desire to continue his musical work despite the increasing limitation of hearing. From the deafness, in his last stage of life, is when he begins to produce the best of his repertoire, he begins to be the musician that everyone knows today”, Explained the teacher.

The head of the Department of Humanities explained that, in the period of deafness of the composer, it was when his most emblematic works such as the famous Ninth Symphony were written. In addition, he pointed out that the idea of presenting his presentation came on the occasion of the world celebration of the 250th anniversary of the birth of Beethoven.

This congress was held from September 17 to 19, 2020 in a virtual way, organized from Lima, Peru, by the Peruvian Society of Internal Medicine and the pharmaceutical company Sanofi, along with other organizers.

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