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Dr. Mauricio Vasco, head of the Clinical Simulation area at the CES University School of Medicine, has dedicated a large part of his life to working for the care of pregnant women, ensuring the well-being of the mother-child binomial through of education and simulation-based training of the most frequent obstetric emergencies to which these women are exposed, such as: serious infections, severe pre-eclampsia, hemorrhage before and postpartum and thromboembolic diseases.

The work of Dr. Vasco Ramírez has been structured in the creation of simulation-based training courses and programs that allow members of an obstetric service or caregivers of the mother-child binomial to acquire the skills for caring for pregnant women, especially pregnant women. critically ill.

This initiative emerged about 15 years ago, is successfully applied in national programs for the reduction of maternal mortality in Colombia and subsequently expanded in Latin American countries.

“Uruguay is special that it is the country with the lowest maternal mortality in Latin America and the use of simulators has been useful because it is a learning alternative to be prepared for these less frequent emergencies in a country with high standards of care. obstetrics happen ”, says Dr. Vasco.

Photo of Dr Mauricio Vasco in the new school as a qualified teacher at the University of Uruguay

Photography: Courtesy Dr. Mauricio Vasco

Collaborative work began 6 years ago with the Universidad La República and its affiliated hospital Pereira Rosell in Montevideo Uruguay. The most important contribution was having trained all the health personnel of the obstetric and gynecological unit of said institution. Regarding recognition, the head of simulation of our University considers that: “On a personal level it is something very significant, however, rather than highlighting personal achievement, the process and strengths in the area of teaching and international projection that they put out stand out. to the CES University in a very high point of reference in the continent for being a pioneer in this matter ”.

In Colombia, Dr. Vasco has been part of the processes of construction of the national guidelines for the management of obstetric emergencies, the results regarding the decrease in mortality from this cause are evident, which is quite gratifying.

We will continue working on all the educational and technological advances to educate the students of our university in the training process supported by clinical simulation.

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