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107 academic activities mediated by ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) were carried out, in which the following participated: Biology, Ecology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Piscology, third semester of Medicine, Technology in Prehospital Care, Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics, the School of Graduates and the Language Center.

The platforms that were used for students to receive their classes were Virtual CES and Zoom videoconferencing. These tools allowed the development of the regular activities programmed by the faculties and teachers for this day. There was real-time and delayed interaction between teachers and students.

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Photos: Organizational Communication Office

"This activity is done twice a year: the first in May and the second in October, taking into account that in these months, the city presents environmental contingencies, and with this what we seek is to reduce pollution and help the environment. environment ” , expressed Catalina Calle Pineda, Head of the Virtual Education Center, CES Virtual.

Some testimonies collected by CES Virtual are shared in the satisfaction survey carried out with the students who participated in CES at home: "A strategy which not only helps the environment but also helps some people who live very far from the University and must travel to it", expressed a student of the undergraduate Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics.

The results of the day were very positive: the saving of water was 94050 L / day, of electrical energy 2978 kWh / day, of generation of waste 1072 Kg / day and of emissions avoided 3.3 Ton of CO2.

The first semester of 2020 will also feature the CES at home day that will take place on Thursday, April 23 as part of Earth Day.

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