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The athlete is in the fifth semester of Physiotherapy and her greatest dream is to go to the Olympic Games representing a high-performance athlete. His entrance to the CES University was thanks to a scholarship that he won in the eleventh grade when he participated in the intercollegiate games of his Tercer Milenio school in the municipality of Caldas, Antioquia.

For eight years it has been an Antioquia team, and this year for the second time it is classified to participate in the Coldeportes National Games. The first time she participated in the Nationals, Luisa

Luisa Fernanda in an interview on EnlaCES Radio

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

She was 16 years old and in relay mode she took a silver medal, a very important achievement since she was competing with the best swimmers and she was the youngest of the team.

In childhood, Luisa was a very shy girl, so her parents made the decision to enroll her in swimming classes to be more outgoing, from there her love of water began and until then she has not stopped swimming and competing.

Her most remembered anecdote and that she calls "The catastrophic journey" It was the time that with only 13 years she traveled alone to Brazil to some sports games, adding that for the first time she was leaving the country. A few minutes after boarding the plane, Luisa realized that she did not have her mother's permission to travel, so she had to wait a whole day in a room at the Bogotá airport for the permit to be sent and go on another flight .

In the middle of the Bogota-Brazil flight, Luisa looked at her watch and realized that she was turning her birthday “When I get on the plane I see that it is December 1st, my birthday, nobody knows it's my birthday, I'm on a plane for the first time, I don't know how to fasten my seatbelt, I'm going the other way, another language, I don't know how long the I fly and I have a screen in front that I don't know how to handle "Luisa says with a laugh.

When she arrived in Brazil, she was picked up by a car that took her to the swimming delegation, but she was scared since she could not communicate with her parents because at that time there was no WhatsApp social network or the technology that we now have to communicate. Five days later, Luisa was able to communicate with her mother through a borrowed computer and the social network Facebook. After arriving from the trip, the athlete realized that facing this journey alone would help her to be independent and as she says "I spread my wings and started to fly".

Luisa's life as an athlete is quite hectic, she has to balance her sport and her career as a Physiotherapist. He lives in the municipality of Caldas in the La Docena neighborhood, he gets up at 3:00 a.m. for his training that begins at 4:30 a.m. in the swimming pools of the University of Antioquia, the Belén Sports Unit and the Fourth Army Brigade . Then he comes to classes at CES University at 7:00 am and in the afternoon he trains again, two hours in the pool, swims 5 kilometers and then concludes with an hour of gym. He comes home exhausted at 8 pm and two hours to do his academic work and rest to do the same the next day.

Luisa has a bracelet that reminds her of her grandfather who died two years ago and she always wears it everywhere as a charm for her competitions. Before jumping into the water to compete, he casts the blessing and remembers his motto "There is no rival stronger and more difficult than oneself".

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