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Photography: Courtesy Mauricio Taborda Alzate

The Philosophical gathering, Space of the Department of Humanities of the CES University, changed the classrooms where they met until seven months ago, for the meetings through the virtual platform Zoom, where students, professors and administrative personnel have arrived, to talk about life and work of an outstanding thinker.

During this semester, the events organized by professors Mauricio Taborda Alzate, Ómar Julián Álvarez and Mario Fernando Arenas, have had about thirty participants in each meeting who have heard about Jean Paul Sartre, Nicolás Gómez Dávila, Gilles Deleuze, among others.

The philosophical gathering is a free space that began three years ago, there we meet for an hour and a half on Wednesdays at 1:00 pm who are interested in listening and participating in a talk about a different thinker every week. It is a voluntary, informal, pleasant meeting that has been maintained in the time of the pandemic”, Explained Professor John Wilson Osorio, head of the Department of Humanities.

Professor Osorio highlighted that, during the pandemic period and the migration to a virtual platform, there has been a greater participation of people interested in intervening in the gathering. This has allowed them to have an audience outside the University, with high school students and people who connect from abroad. The Tertulia has gone on to have an average of 30 participants per week in virtuality, while when they met in person there were usually 15 or 20 members.

Philosophy deals with thinking about the human condition, so something we questioned ourselves about was the life that feels challenged in these times, the questions about solidarity, political power or the decisions taken in the midst of the pandemic”Explained Professor Taborda Alzate.

The Philosophical gathering It will run until November 11, 2020, and in the next meetings philosophers such as René Descartes, Edgar Morin, or the writers Mario Vargas Llosa and Fernando Vallejo will be discussed. In this link you can access the meetings.

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