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Photo- Psychology is essential for development

Photography: Courtesy of the Vice Presidency of the Republic

As a conciliatory meeting and open to proposals, some representatives of the faculties of psychology and sociology of Colombia described the talk they had with the vice president of the Republic, Marta Lucía Ramírez, on February 18 in Bogotá.

Among those attending the meeting was Dr. Diego Alveiro Restrepo Ochoa, dean of the Faculty of Psychology at CES University and current president of the Colombian Association of Faculties of Psychology (Ascofapsi). The academic acknowledged that it was a respectful and constructive space where it was agreed to work at a technical table with three lines of work.

“A strategic table that must present its first results in a month for which we already have an agenda in which we are going to deal with three major issues: one employability; two, quality of training in psychology and sociology; and three participations in public policies ”, detailed Dean Restrepo Ochoa.

After concluding the meeting and offering excuses for the misunderstanding of their statements, Vice President Ramírez stated that the meeting gave them “a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other and, above all, to define this work agenda, and in a month to ensure that, in the development plans of the country's governors and mayors, important topics such as mental health, gender equity, the inclusion of people with disabilities and the formulation of public policies on these issues ”.

The vice ministers of Health and Labor also participated in the meeting; the Presidential Counselor for Equity for Women, and the delegate of the Director of DANE.

And ... Why psychology?

Social, political, cultural, religious problems go through conflict resolution, communication, interpersonal relationships in which there is an interaction of individuals, for which the intervention of a psychologist is essential.

"The social and human sciences, in this case specifically Psychology, contribute to solving the needs and problems that most affect people's lives and that constitute a fundamental condition for development," emphasized the dean of Psychology at the CES University.

For the manager, both psychology and sociology have a wide field of professional action, which depends to a large extent on the social policies that government entities should promote.

“The message for students, for parents, but also for colleagues is: today psychology is one of the careers that has the highest growth projection and not in vain the growth in the number of programs and in the number of psychology students. There is one issue that is fundamental: we cannot all do the same. It is necessary to take advantage of the breadth of fields of psychology to find new scenarios of professional performance that allow diversifying the job placement opportunities of psychologists ”, he concluded.

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