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Photography: Copasst de la U will choose, among employees, its new four members

Photography: Organizational Communication Office

Eighteen members of the CES University, among teachers, students and graduates, were chosen by their peers to represent them before the Superior Council, the Academic Council and the curriculum committees of each faculty in 2021.

For the Superior Council, 3 representatives were elected: a graduate, a teacher and a student; 2 were elected for the Academic Council: a student and a teacher, and 13 students entered the curriculum committees representing the programs to which they belong.

For me it is an opportunity to learn from the University and to be attentive to its processes, especially those that have to do with innovation and entrepreneurship. This is based on the experience I have with companies and because I believe that a fundamental part of innovation is integrating them with academia. That will be one of my primary tasks”, Stated Alejandro Yepes Correa, representative of the graduates to the Superior Council.

The Superior Council is the highest academic and administrative direction of the University, the Academic Council is in charge of the operation of the institution in academic aspects and the curriculum committees are in charge of determining the curricular programs of each career.

For me it is an honor to come to this position because of the responsibility that it entails. My fundamental goal is to accompany the University in excellence in the review and construction of all its programs; in addition to achieving a more experiential communication between the Council and the teachers”Said José Andrés Chaves Acosta, a professor at the Faculty of Nursing elected to the Academic Council.

This task of dialogue between the directors and the university community they represent is one of the main functions performed by the representatives. Paola Sánchez Zapata, student of the Doctorate in Health Sciences and representative of the students to the Academic Council, highlighted the importance of reinforcing this function.

It seemed to me that the participation of doctoral students in the decisions of the University has been very passive, and this seems like a good time to get more involved with the institutions of the institution”Added Sánchez Zapata.

The representatives will begin their functions in the first session scheduled in 2021, where they will be presented. In the elections of September 10, 2020, 2,757 people voted.

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