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The University evolves and changes to a concept of University security, where we will not have guards but University lookouts and where technology will be one of its main axes.

This project is divided into 3 stages, the first Stage consists of the change of security company where COOPEVIAN is no longer with us and at this time the ATEMPI company is accompanying us, the second Stage is that the University will replace the guards with lookouts, The latter are hired directly by the University and at the end of the year only the people who fill the external or most vulnerable positions will remain in ATEMPI, in a last stage the security monitoring and command center will be activated, the buildings will be equipped with more cameras in strategic sites and there will be a security of more monitoring and control, with interaction with the University Community.

The change in security at the Institution is due to both its structural and administrative growth.

 “We have had a rigorous hiring process, where whatwe seek is that all our internal and external users feel safe and accompanied and find in a lookout an assertive person and that of reliable information ", says Fredy Henao Durango, security leader at CES University.

The Watchers will have first aid training, they will not be brigadistas, but since they will be throughout the University, they are the ones who attend to the news that is presented. These people will be identified by their charisma and attention; They will be people in whom the University community can trust and feel security.

Sandra Valencia Vélez, CES administrative coordinator stated that “We hope all the support of the University Community, both employees and students, that everyone is alert to unwelcome people or with suspicious attitudes within the university and that they inform the guards and external security personnel in a timely manner.“. 

The University will have a security line and email that will be the communication channels where observations, suggestions and very specific topics on security issues can be sent.


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