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With different academic and cultural activities, in two places in Antioquia: Medellín and the municipality of Turbo, the CES University held the IX Academic Meeting, World Oceans Day together with the University of Antioquia and the Corporation Center of Excellence in Marine Sciences - CEMarin-, on June 5, 6 and 7.

This day has been celebrated for 9 years. The central axis of this year was 'Together we can protect and restore the oceans', where national and international guests such as academics, foundations, organizations, as well as leaders and representatives of the communities participated.

Photograph of the event held at CES University on World Oceans Day 2019 “On June 5, we had the Conference for restoration and community participation in Medellín, at the CES University, and in parallel at the University of Antioquia with a more oceanographic approach. And on the 6th and 7th, we traveled to Turbo where an event was held that included the participation of academics and community organizations from Urabá, Antioquia and Chocó, ” said Lizette Irene Quan Young, professor at the Faculty of Sciences and Biotechnology of the CES University.

This event allowed the possibility of executing new alliances with national and international guests, and research initiatives for undergraduate, postgraduate, master's and doctoral students.

Teacher Lizette Quan stated that “This event leaves a myriad of experiences, in reality, it is a call for attention to society and has also generated contacts that will allow synergies / links between academia, government, NGOs, foundations and organizations, but above all communities. Only by letting people know what we have and its importance, can they come to love it and then understand what we can do to preserve it ”.

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