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Photo of the presentation of the work in the Aula Máxima of the CES University

The Superintendency of Companies visited the CES University in the company of the Javeriana University, to present a work that is the result of a work that these three institutions did with all the most important business groups in the country.

This work consisted of generating very important recommendations and conclusions, as well as an orientation guide on the recognition and investment of business groups.


For a year we have been working in a strong alliance with the Javeriana University in order to generate a connection between, everything that has to do with the academy and the practical, and when we talk about the practical it is business life”, Assured the professor - consultant, Andrés Bertulfo Flórez Gallego, from the Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences of the CES University.

This work was a two-year job, and last Monday, April 22, all that work that was developed by our team was presented here at CES University, to groups such as Postobón, Suramericana, Nutresa, Grupo Éxito, among others. University, the Javeriana University and the Superintendency of Societies, but also to disseminate it and deliver this material to all supervised and to all those who were interested.

Photo of the support of the work in the Aula Máxima of the CES University

The coordinator of the Group of Investigation and Accounting Regulation of the Superintendency of Companies, Mauricio Español León, affirmed “I think this is the beginning of a very good use of the agreement that Javeriana - CES has to take advantage of these academic spaces, these spaces for discussion, perhaps next semester we will be here again, this is a first event that will help us to give rise to future let's have more events like this”.

This Superintendency is the largest in Colombia, attached to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, and exercises the inspection, surveillance and control of Colombian mercantile companies. And this event was attended by 135-140 people, higher than in previous years.

Professor Flórez Gallego concluded by telling us that “I think it is an important step for the University and for the Faculty, since the University is not only health, and since it is not only health it has to be shown in other areas and what is more important than to show itself in other spheres of the great Superintendencies, because they are the ones who show the name at the end (..) This alliance will allow us to see each other at the national level, complying with our internal motto 'take the company to the U”.

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