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Photographs of the new sections of the University portalDuring the last two years, we carried out the planning and began the digital strategy for our institution, by the offices of Marketing, Organizational Communication, Information Technologies and the Directorate of Research and Innovation, having as an initial project the development of the institution's web portal in which the Language Center also participates.

Now our new page not only has a modern design, but it will help our entire university and external community to find information easily and quickly. It also has standards for user experience, usability and accessibility, which allows people with visual, motor or cognitive disabilities to navigate within our page without help.

At the end of 2017, the work of the portal began with the diagnosis through focus groups made up of members of all the instances of the University, students of schools and parents, to know the expectations and the aspects to improve in the Web Portal . "One of the challenges of the project is to show the information in a clear and simple way so that the user can easily locate the content they request", said Andrés Felipe Trujillo García, software architect at the Information Technology Office.Computer screen with the new image of the new portal of the CES University

The project has been worked in an articulated manner with the different areas of the University. In this initial phase, we seek to strengthen communication with the external public to invite them to interaction. "We are building a portal that invites people to enter the University, which is another channel for promoting our institution", stated Ángela María Gallón Botero, Head of Marketing.

Subsequently, the development of the intranet, usability improvements in the extranet and the integration of other applications of the institution will be included. "From the communications area we want to emphasize that this is a collaborative work, we are not developing it alone. It is a project that seeks to articulate and create a portal with updated, accurate and concrete information”, Affirmed María Fernanda Salazar, Head of the Organizational Communication Office.

From the Office of Organizational Communication, the administration of the information of the web portal will be carried out and will provide support to the areas and faculties in the construction of their contents in a strategic way.

We invite you to know and enjoy this new space for everyone!

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