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Our Institution since last year, created a sustainable business mobility plan, with the aim of promoting different mobility alternatives to the entire university community.

One of these alternatives is the use of the electric bicycle, and that is why the Sustainability office in the company of the ally 'Try My Ride' provided 8 of these bicycles for the use of some University employees for a week.

“Initially 8 employees were loaned, they signed up and were selected depending on where they live. They were given a brief training on how to use bicycles. And finally, there were very good comments and they are even asking when is the next loan going to be? " ¸ said Alejandra Marín Domínguez, coordinator of social management of the Sustainability area of the CES University.

Photograph of the eight benefited employeesThe statistics that this project leaves are really good: a total of 40 trips were carried out, covering approximately 7Km, obtaining as a result 28Kg of CO2 avoided, which is equivalent to 2 oak trees planted and 3.10 gallons of gasoline saved. On average, each employee saved $ 22,000 of passage during the week.

Fabio Esteban Parra Rodríguez, publicist for the Organizational Communication Office of the CES University and participant in the project, expressed "It seems to me an innovative proposal and they are giving us an alternative in mobility, especially a mobility that supports the environment and the economy".

On the part of the Sustainability Office and the CES University, more activities are planned to encourage this type of sustainable mobility and also recognizing the people in the university community who use this platform the most.

“It is very important that they are encouraged to participate. It is a very interesting opportunity because the bicycle is a very efficient means of transport, it is economical, we exercise and we help the planet ” , clarified Mateo Restrepo Montoya, assistant of Occupational Health and Safety at CES University and participant in the project.

The next bicycle loan will be for the second semester of 2019, with the intention of implementing this project at the University, being a complement to 'Upload CES'.

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