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With the signing of the agreement between the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics and the Jaime Isaza Cadavid Polytechnic, different teaching, research and extension projects have been developed, all with the purpose that students from both higher education institutions have training comprehensive and complete in this field of study.

With this objective, some academic activities have been developed, for example, the poultry production farm –AVICES-. “This project works on the Polytechnic farm, located in Marinilla. We started there since the end of last year but this year the egg production began with 2000 laying birds on the floor. In addition to the participation of the 2 institutions, the Jaime Isaza Cadavid Polytechnic and the CES University, we plan to seek allies in private companies where the SOLLA company accompanies us to make a link between the public university, the private university and the business sector "added the dean of MVZ, Jhon Didier Ruiz Buitrago.Logos of the two higher education institutions

On the side of postgraduate education, since last year these two institutions have a project in process with the Ministry of Education. It is a specialization in Animal Reproduction Biotechnology, a specialization that will be awarded both by the Jaime Isaza Cadavid Polytechnic and by the CES University. To which Dean Ruiz highlighted "we are currently developing the Master's degree that would be a complement to the specialization, it would also be in conjunction with the Polytechnic, all this seeking to strengthen the postgraduate offer in the production area of the sector."

Among other projects carried out with this union is the Animal Health and Training Center, called CESAS, and in alliance with the trade union Asdesilla. There, everything that has to do with equine reproduction is attended to and they plan to work on the production of bovine embryos in the future.

For Dean Ruiz Buitrago this agreement is a mutual benefit, or as he considers it a symbiosis, because both institutions have benefited, "It has been a sharing of extremely enriching experiences for both institutions with a very great social projection and being allies of companies in the agricultural sector in investigative work".

For the CES University and the Jaime Isaza Cadavid Polytechnic, many challenges and projects come together, always benefiting education and research in our country.

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