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The Biomechanics and Movement Analysis laboratory is a space that consists of a motion capture system (MoCap) which allows any type of movement to be recorded and analyzed, that is, in the laboratory any type of human movement can be recorded and described. from different points of view.

The Laboratory has been operating since 2013 at IPS Sabaneta. Its novelty is the service provision model, in which the different professions that can provide the best effective health solution to the patient are complemented.

In this new service, the faculties of Biomedical Engineering and Physiotherapy come together to complement patient care and give a more accurate diagnosis. The biomechanics of the human locomotor system allows us to understand and intervene with the help of other branches of knowledge, the development of new strategies such as new models or technical aids that improve user performance.

Nicolás Gómez Suárez, biomedical engineer and teacher at the Faculty of Physiotherapy, says that "From biomedical engineering we can develop new strategies for the analysis and interpretation of the different types of movement".

While on the side of Physiotherapy they complement each other in terms of optimizing interventions in habilitation or rehabilitation treatments in different specialties such as sports, trauma and orthopedics, neurological and ergonomics.

"At the time of the evaluations, the role of the physiotherapist is given from the screening and semiology evaluations prior to the capture by the software and subsequently their interpretation with the other specialists," said Natalia Mejía Valencia, coordinator and teacher of Physiotherapy at IPS. CES Sabaneta.

Movement Analysis Laboratory

Photo: Organizational Communication Office

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