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Two years ago at CES University an edible mushroom laboratory was created, in which first it was sought that the university community knew all the benefits that this product can generate, that is why the mushroom seedbed was formed and secondly, to find a way to market it.

Paola Zapata Ocampo, professor at the Faculty of Sciences and Biotechnology, is in charge of the laboratory and mushroom seedbed:

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

The seedbed has been very well received, the students want to cultivate different species of mushrooms and have even used organic waste for the process, thus helping with this environmental problem.”Commented the teacher.

The mushroom seedbed has also made visits to vulnerable communities such as El Cedro in Apayel, in which they encourage the consumption of this product, since basic meals can be replaced with this mushroom.

There are other ways of eating, within food security you have to diversify the food portfolio and mushrooms are a good option”, Said the coordinator of the Laboratory.

Another objective that is had with these mushrooms is to commercialize them, since in many European countries it is common to eat or produce different dressings with them. The idea at CES University is to convert them into salts for meats or salads and in this way to be able to sell them in the college store.

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