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The year 2020 began for the members of the CES University and its headquarters with a feat of surgery in animals: a team of veterinarians from the Center for Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics (CVZ) achievedimplant a pacemaker in a cat for the first time in the country. In addition, the results of the Saber Pro tests left aCES Medicine graduate with the best score in Colombia in his program.

This good news was joined in February by the long-awaitedHigh quality institutional reaccreditationthat the Ministry of Education awarded to the U and the announcement of thenew director of the CES Clinic, Dr. Andrés Trujillo Zea.

With the beginning of March, an issue that still impacts the world was already felt in Colombia: the COVID-19 pandemic. March 16CES University took virtuality as a measure to prevent contagionand theCES experts and spokesmen began to give answers to the doubts left by the virus.

The pandemic aroused the solidarity of the institution that throughTies that bring hopebenefited 800 economically affected street vendors, in addition to feeding 3,000 stray animals through the programThey need us too.

In Aprilwould graduate the first group of students virtuallyand the School of Dentistry would demonstrate its ability to adapt by creating avirtual care account for dental emergencies. In the middle of the year theCES Clinic celebrated 40 years of serviceand 6University undergraduates stood out among the best in the country in the Saber Pro.

The second half of the year started with the award given to the U by the Metropolitan Area of Valle de Aburrá foreliminate single-use plasticand CES innovations would play a role in the pandemic byfirst video laryngoscopes that were developed in Medellín to attend critical patientswithin the Simdesing alliance.

August and September left important figures for venues such as14,752 attentions made by the IPS CES Sabanetain the first months of the pandemic and13,722, which in turn advanced the CVZ. As outstanding facts of graduates and professors, the graduation of the first6 Master's degrees in Physiotherapy in Pediatrics in Colombiaand the professor of the Faculty of Sciences and Biotechnology who baptizedtwo new species named after their parents.

The last months of the year would also have graduates and researchers as protagonists, since Julián Blandón Becerra, who left the Technology in Prehospital Care, was theonly Colombian to attend the games that resumed the NBAand Nora Cardona Castro, researcher at the Colombian Institute of Tropical Medicine,He received the awardMedellin Investigatesof the Mayor's Office for his career.

Dr. Jorge Julián Osorio Gómez, rector of the CES University, was elected in November asmember of the board of directors of the Colombian Association of Universities (Ascun)and Editorial CES released the book on the travels of the doctor and writer Manuel Uribe Angel,From Lima to Bajo Chocó 1849.

The last weeks of the year leave two remarkable events in the history of CES University: theNursing program student degrees after 35 yearsof the last promotion that this Faculty had, andfirst degrees of the Nutrition and Dietetics program.

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