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In its first year, the program has accompanied from its different lines, mainly the commune 2-Santa Cruz and its Villa del Socorro Educational Institution. This is the densest in the city according to Mi Comuna (community newspaper of commune 2) with 4,200 students from strata 1 and 2.

The lines of the program are: Health and Wellbeing Ties, Knowledge Ties and volunteering that make the community's capacities strengthen and contribute to the development of its territory.

Knowledge Ties

Miguel Ángel Zuleta Medina is a student in the second semester of the Biomedical Engineering program at CES University, he is part of the School of Leaders and is a volunteer in the Villa del Socorro neighborhood. Miguel, along with some of his classmates, gave classes to the tenth and eleventh grades focused on the Saber Pro 11th Tests.

“When we started volunteering, the students had more and more participation and more desire to do things. The truth is, we saw a change in the young people because in the end it was clear that they were interested and that they were thinking about their future; Although a grade does not define a student, learning is vital for life and is something that is needed for professional and personal life ”, commented Miguel Ángel Zuleta Medina.

In addition to receiving classes on mathematical logic and reading comprehension, Villa del Socorro students have also received sexual and reproductive education classes to minimize the rates of teenage pregnancy and live sexuality responsibly.

Health and Wellbeing Ties

Luisa Fernanda Restrepo Pulgarín is 19 years old, she is an eleventh grade student at IE Villa del Socorro and has participated in the talks on sexual and reproductive education that CES professionals have given to students in the final grades.

“In a talk they taught us about sexually transmitted diseases, they also taught us how to put a condom on and they gave us some guidance on family planning such as the Jadelle method. The truth is, I consider that it does help a lot because I realized what things I can plan with to continue my studies and get ahead, ” said Luisa Fernanda.

To complement and contribute to the community, professionals from the CES University in Nutrition and Dietetics accompanied children from preschool to grade 11 with nutritional counseling, this helped students to have better nutrition and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Student Karen Guiselle Córdoba Mosquera was one of the students who received attention from a CES nutritionist; that with the controls and advice of the nutritionist and dietician managed to lose 15 kilos.

“I have done very well with the nutritionist because she taught me that rice should be eaten the size of the fist of my hand, she also sent me to do certain exercises, and I already have a daily routine at home because I don't like to go. to the gym, then I do at home with elastics and dumbbells , ”Karen said.

Students have also received attention from Psychology, since due to social inequality they have had different types of problems, which in some cases has led them to feel unmotivated in the school environment. This is the case of 19-year-old Jonathan Stiven Ocampo Argumedo, who began to miss classes and was frequently late for staying home, which led to losing several subjects compromising his last school year.

“With the help of the psychologist we came to the conclusion that it was really me who had to commit and improve, I did not have justifiable reasons for not coming to school and being late, and in the end I made the decision to change because I was going to finish. the year, I put the batteries, I improved, and I won the year ” , assured the student Ocampo Argumedo.


During all this time, there has been a positive impact on the territory, with the execution in addition to volunteer actions, such as: school painting day and Metrosalud, leveling seedlings, tree planting, health and well-being carousel and support in the On-Block Film Festival of the Mi Comuna Corporation; With the participation of 79 volunteers, including several students from our careers, who have had the opportunity to support the health, wellness and education programs of Lazos in the territory of Villa del Socorro.

Carlos Gabriel Pinzón Grillo, a fifth-semester student in Psychology, is part of the CES School of Leaders and visited Villa del Socorro to teach Spanish and reading comprehension. Carlos says that when he arrived at school, the reaction of the students surprised him a lot, since the teachers themselves said that they were difficult young people, but it was not like that, the disposition and kindness of the boys was evident, as well as their desire to learn.

“With the CES University we had a great help in terms of the management of materials and transportation, we also had an educational base to be didactic when teaching. In the company of the Villa del Socorro teachers, we made an area plan and in this we put the topics we wanted in a more free and didactic way. I believe that both parties had the intention and that was the main engine of this project, that the students had the desire to help made everything more enjoyable, a very conducive environment for learning as such, " said the Faculty volunteer of Psychology from CES University.

By 2020, Lazos will continue with its purpose of developing strategies that contribute to the creation of value through the generation of capacities, training and integral human development of the interest groups of our university, contributing to the sustainable development of society.

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