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Hands of students benefiting from the Lazos program

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

In its first year, the program has accompanied from its different lines, mainly the commune 2-Santa Cruz and its Villa del Socorro Educational Institution. This is the densest in the city according to Mi Comuna (community newspaper of commune 2) with 4,200 students from strata 1 and 2.

The program has three strategic lines:

Ties of Health and Well-being : it is consolidated with the strategy of Primary Health Care. With the accompaniment of professionals from different disciplines in this community, to prevent disease, promote health and well-being.

At the moment, the initiative has the active participation of different support areas of the CES University and eight Faculties: Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences, Faculty of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Nursing and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics.

Knowledge ties : capacities in the community are strengthened so that it contributes to the development of its territory and thus improves its quality of life.

To date, 40 students were trained in mathematics and reading comprehension, as fundamental areas in the state tests, the training of students in community cinema was supported as a way of transforming their environment and, in addition, training activities were carried out in learning new strategies for teaching a second language, dictated by the University Language Center to teachers of the Villa del Socorro Educational Institution.

 Volunteering : throughout 2019 there has been a positive impact on the territory, with the execution of 5 volunteer actions, such as: School painting day and Metrosalud, leveling seedbeds, tree planting, health carousel and well-being and support at the Mi Comuna Corporation On-Block Film Festival; with the participation of 79 volunteers.

It is expected that next year more faculties and volunteers will join this project, thus obtaining better and greater results in positive change in the community. Solidarity is Excellence!

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