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Hey! Can we help them out? Surely you already saw it, shared it or are just going to comment on it. We want to give a helping hand, without touching them, to about 800 street vendors in the center of Medellín and their families who today are not having a good time economically due to lack of their regular customers, because of the quarantine and some, because of restrictions. they are elderly.

The initiativeTies that bring hopeWe create it as part of the social responsibility that we have as an academy in these moments of juncture. It is part of the Lazos program, which the University leads in vulnerable communities in Medellín.

The 800 informal traders that we selected were part of a work we carried out to identify the vulnerability profile of informal workers "venteros" between 2015 and 2019. Of this population, 27% are part of the elderly population, that is, , over 60 years old and whom we have accompanied in different health studies from the Faculty of Medicine. There are 291 women and 80% are heads of household.

The bellTies that bring hopeseeks to raise resources for the purchase and delivery of markets with basic elements of the family basket to sellers who see their sales affected these days. With the initiative, we are also contributing to the local economy, since most products are purchased in small and medium-sized commercial establishments and which are delivered in an organized manner at a designated point in the center of the city.

At the moment, it was defined that the campaign will raise funds to accompany vendors until May 20.

How to become part of Lazos?

It is easy. People can make their financial contribution, we do not have suggested amounts, we only appeal to your solidarity, only consigned to the current account of Bancolombia No. 33382183402. If your consignment is international, the NIT of our institution is 890984002-6.

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