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The bell "Ties that provide hope ”is intended toaccompany 900 street vendors, mostly older adults from Medellín and the municipalities of the metropolitan area during the contingency due to the coronavirus. The goal is to deliver 4,500 markets to street vendors and their families, one every 15 days in mid-May.

Since the campaign began in March of this year, 1,803 markets have been delivered in the communes 1 Popular, 2 Santa Cruz, 3 Manrique, 4 Aranjuez, 8 Villa Hermosa, 9 Buenos Aires, 10 Candelaria, 12 La América, 13 San Javier , 15 Guayabal, and in neighborhoods of the municipalities of Envigado, Sabaneta, La Estrella, Itagüí and Bello.

“We make deliveries with our allies, some, door to door and on other occasions, through controlled deliveries in the churches of the communes or allied corporations. They are done by the hour, with a code and protection elements, in this way we do not have a concentrated crowd and we take the opportunity to do prevention and reinforce the proper use of personal protection elements, hand washing, social isolation, among others ”, said Tatiana Molina Velásquez, head of the CES University Sustainability Office.

Molina Vásquez thanked private companies, public institutions and the spontaneous people who were linked to the initiative in mid-March. Now he assures that the goal has grown and they hope to deliver food to 900 families of informal vendors who live from day to day.

image of markets ready to be delivered to street vendors

Photography: Office of Sustainability

" Today I want to thank the CES University for the market that they are going to give us to informal vendors, with this help we are going to pass the quarantine with food and we will not have to move from home, God bless you always," he said. Ana María Palacios, one of the beneficiaries.

“Today I am going to applaud the CES University for the work and commitment to informal landlords, since with this market we are going to supply the need for food and thus we are not going to leave home. God bless you, thank you, ” added Alberto Isaza, who benefited from the program.

To date, 1,803 markets have been delivered and people who are interested in contributing with this initiative can do so by entering the followinglink

Some of the entities that support the programTies that bring hopeThey are: Telemedellín, Viva Air, National Army, My Commune, Euro supermarkets, among other institutions.

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