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There is a species of cockroach called “Diploptera punctata”, which is native to Australia and is not found naturally in other parts of the world. This species has a particular characteristic and that is that it is the only one, among all the types of cockroaches, that is viviparous, that is, it does not lay eggs like most insects, but its young are born after a fertilization process.


Photography: Courtesy Shutterstock

While the young are being formed, this species of cockroach requires a substance to feed them, so its genes are encoded so that this substance is produced and with it it feeds its embryos. The substance is rich in proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates and lipids. To extract it, it is not milking like a mammal is milked and it is not easy to obtain.

“It is not a substance that is produced by just any cockroach and it is very important to say that in the world there are thousands of species of cockroaches, the common cockroach that we see in cities where we are so lazy, it is not the only cockroach that exists. in the world ” , emphasizes the biologist and coordinator of biological collections at CES University, Juliana Cardona Duque.

In short, this is a species that has particular characteristics within all cockroach species, it is not found in Colombia and the possibilities of bringing it are minimal, since it does not make sense to introduce a foreign species to the native fauna because that alters the ecosystem. "It would be very important to explore our biodiversity if we have species that contain some alternative nutritional source"added the teacher.


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