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Photography: Courtesy Alexandra Guarín Osorio

In an agreement between the Editorial CES and the National Library, which is one of the largest distribution in the country, the books published by our University will be sold in this store from December 2019 in the cities of Medellín, Bogotá, Cali, Cartagena and Barranquilla.

For CES University it is an important achievement to be present at the regional and national level with 13 titles such as:On the other side of the tunnel, Biodiversity Studies of Alto de San Miguel and From Censorship to Ethics. Among the most requested books areViolated Correspondenceby Eduardo Rojas, a compilation of letters from the late Gonzalo Arango, followed byOn the other side of the tunnelof the author María Alejandra García Hernandez.

"This fact motivates teachers and researchers to publish with our seal, since their publications will have greater possibilities for readers to know the fruit of their academic effort," said Roger Sánchez Bravo, coordinator of Editorial CES.

The National Library selects the works that will be exhibited at its points of sale, which guarantees that the works present there have a quality standard.

"Currently, the Editorial has made distribution agreements with bookstores such as Cooprudea, UPB, La Tienda Javeriana, Al Pie de la Letra, Librería Resplandor and Grammata", concluded the coordinator Sánchez Bravo.

It is expected by 2020 new agreements with bookstores will be negotiated and also distributed internationally.

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