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Enletrados is a radio initiative of Editorial CES that consists of the compilation of fragments of a book read by its respective author or by someone who wants to share the fragment.

Enletrados was born with the aim of giving people a voice through reading, that is why it is important that the fragment that people read is of interest to them and much better if he is the author of said fragment”, Said Roger David Sánchez Bravo, coordinator of Editorial CES.Student entering Enletrados from his computer

Originally the podcasts can be listened to from CES Radio, the station of our Institution, but due to the current contingency, they will be published on Mondays and Thursdays on the Institution's social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. These products last two to two and a half minutes and are available to the general public.

"I really like that the CES University promotes the reading of literary fragments because that opens the panorama to people, in addition the University shows another facet to which we were not used and that is good," said Danielle Navarro Bohórquez, participant of Enletrados .

The theme of the texts can be any, there are no restrictions and people who are interested in participating in this initiative can write to the CES Editorial email (

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