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Creative Vacation Photography 2018

Between Monday, June 17 and 21, the CES University welcomes children and young people, so that they can enjoy their holidays in a different way, combining learning and science with sports and culture, in the 'Creative Holidays 2019 '.

These Creative Holidays is an initiative of Institutional Wellbeing and Human Development of our Institution, in order to provide a space for fun and learning to the children and younger siblings of students, employees, teachers, graduates and our neighbors.

What is the meaning of Creative Holidays? In some way, the children can come to the University and that they can share that week with their parents or relatives.

Graphic piece of the Creative Holidays

“It really is one more program of social impact and of bringing the family and children closer to CES, it is a program that generates very complete and with a look of fun and learning, it is one more issue of providing well-being of the university community ” , As described by José Franklin Díaz Cárdenas, coordinator of Active and Healthy CES of the CES University and leader of said vacations.

This event takes place in the facilities of the Poblado de Nuestro U headquarters, where activities such as crafts, sports challenges and approaches to the academic programs offered by the University are carried out, except for a few days when some outings are made, for example, go to movies, to attend the scout camp in Santa Elena, and other venues in the city of Medellín. The hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Santiago López Murillo, sports manager of the CES university, affirmed that “For this year there are two novelties. The first is that it is going to try to link the faculties so that the children have an experience with the knowledge of some academic programs of the University, and additionally, a group of children from 13 to 15 years old will be opened, but more focused on adrenaline activities , sports, culture, science, technology and learning with different activities for this type of population, the idea is that we can open this space to impact a larger population ”.

If you are interested in having your son or brother participate in this CES experience, come to Bienestar Institucional and ask for more information.

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