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Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

The Veterinary and Zootechnical Center (CVZ) of the CES University has the services of magnetic resonance imaging, X-ray ultrasound and fluoroscope, which are diagnostic methods. Now it adds to its portfolio the area of tomography that allows more specialized examinations for small and large species, which deliver results in a matter of seconds.

This will be the first veterinary clinic in Medellín to have this service, since in Bogotá and Cali other centers have the tool. The project is being led by Dr. Oscar Rojas Restrepo, CVZ veterinarian.

“A tomograph gives the possibility of obtaining contrasted images, more specific evaluations such as an angio-CT, which is an examination of the blood vessels or a myeloid CT scan of the central nervous system. In this way the doctors will be able to give a more accurate opinion and the appropriate treatment ”, stated Dr. Rojas Restrepo.

Among the differences between the magnetic resonator and the tomograph are 3D multiplanar reconstructions and virtual endoscopies, that is, it provides images that allow a broader view of the interior of the animal, which facilitates decision-making in the procedures of specialists such as the orthopedist, surgeon, neurologist, oncologist, among others. However, these two tools can be complemented in different diagnoses, along with the other imaging techniques and thus achieve a comprehensive service.

The tomograph will be located in the Center adjacent to the Equine and Bovine area. Currently the space is being intervened for its adaptation. This represented an investment of approximately $ 500,000,000 in infrastructure alone. The tomograph, which is already at the headquarters of the municipality of Envigado, was acquired in an agreement with the company Prodiagnostic who facilitated the delivery of the equipment.

On the other hand, doctors and veterinary assistants will soon begin to be trained to give it a comprehensive management and it is expected that the service will begin to the general public from April 2020.

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