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On September 10, 2020 will be the virtual elections to elect the new representatives of teachers, graduates and students who in 2021 will be delegated to the Academic Council, the Superior Council and the curriculum committees of each program.

“It is important to remember that the student community, through its representatives, have a space for participation in the different instances of the University, where they can actively influence decision-making, including before the Superior Council, which is the the highest regulatory body of the University ”, stated the Secretary General of the University, Dr. Patricia Chejne Fayad.

According to the directive, 16 students will be chosen for the curriculum committees of each of the University's undergraduate programs. In addition, one student will be elected at a general level for the Superior Council and another before the Academic Council.

On the part of the graduates, a representative will be elected before the Superior Council; and of the teachers, one will be elected before the Academic Council, and a teacher will participate before the Superior Council.

The Superior Council is the highest academic and administrative direction of the University, the Academic Council is in charge of the proper functioning of the Institution in its academic aspects, and the curriculum committees are in charge of determining the curricular guidelines of each program. In all these instances, the representatives will be able to share their doubts and opinions, participate in meetings and debates, know the decisions taken and disseminate them.

“To be a representative is to open our eyes to the part of the U that is not well known: how it works and what is done so that the institution works with the excellence that characterizes it. I wish all the students could be representatives, because that is where it is truly seen that our voice is heard. Take advantage of these elections, we need true leaders who like challenges, ”said Sara Valderrama Marín, a medical student, who was the representative before the Academic Council in 2020.

On September 10 you will be able to vote from:

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