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The Humanities Department of the CES University has been developing the projectPhilosophy in times of Quarantine,an activity by which they invite you to think about the human condition in these moments of uncertainty through short videos.

Photo of student watching philosophy workshop in quarantine times

Photiography: Office of Organizational Communication

The videos are recorded by different professors from the Department of Humanities and writers from Medellín or other places in the world. In them a reflection is proposed based on texts by characters of philosophical tradition such as Voltaire, Martin Heidegger, Xavier Zubiri, among others who preferably dealt with the issue of confinement or quarantine.

"This is a program that wants to help us understand a little better these times we are living, helped by the timely advice of various philosophers and writers, " said John Wilson Osorio, head of the Department of Humanities.

The videos ofPhilosophy in times of QuarantineThey are found on the YouTube page of CES University: material will only be released during the quarantine season.

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