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Within the agenda of the University Conference there are activities for students of all semesters and academic programs to playfully enjoy, learn and integrate.

One of the activities that was part of the University Conferences, which take place from October 4 to 10, is the Narratives Festival whose purpose is that the students and teachers of the Faculty of Nursing express the different ways of looking at reality to through storytelling.

The winners of the first version of this festival were the students Isabel María Orrego from the second semester of Nursing, Rocío Camargo Rodriguez from the fourth semester and Mateo Rodriguez Montoya from the fourth semester.

"This first festival had the participation of 23 people, including students and teachers, and the winners took extension courses and recognition at the University Conference ," said Giselly Matagira Rondón, coordinator of Research and Innovation at the Faculty of Nursing.

As part of the University Conference, the 17th Song Festival was also held, which was held at the Guillermo Cárdenas Jaramillo Theater and this year had the participation of 14 students and 1 collaborator.

"The idea of the festival is that students and teachers can show the talent they have, be a space for integration, to get to know each other, promote all the artistic abilities and capacities of the university community ," said Mónica Moreno Osorio, leader of Artistic Promotion of Institutional Wellbeing and Human Development.

This year there were six winners of the festival, two in the female category, two in the male interpreter and two in unpublished song. Alejandro Arteaga Gil, eighth semester Psychology student, was the first place in male interpreter, in female interpreter the winner was Ana Cristina Zapata Tuberquia, seventh semester Physiotherapy student; Finally, the winner of the unpublished song went to Felipe Marín Botero, a psychology student.

People at event in the CES University library

Photos: Organizational Communication Office

“I felt very good, it was a very cathartic thing for me, because it is a song that I found at a very hard time in my life and it became a reference for me as in singing about freedom and being different and embracing that difference. ” , Stated Alejandro Arteaga Gil, first place male interpreter.

The CES University supports the difference and for this reason the first discussion on sexual diversity was also held, attended by 15 participants who learned about gender, the inclusion of the acronym LGBTIHQ and the difference between the words gender and sex.

"These topical issues should be dealt with in a country so marked by very strong traditions at a conservative level where discrimination is seen and where the suicide rate is mostly due to gender-based violence," says Sergio Alejandro Amórtegui Gonzalez, psychology student.

This Wednesday, October 10, the Timbiquí Heritage concert will be part of the University Conference, which will be held at the Guillermo Cárdenas Jaramillo Theater. The entrance is with a ticket and with the CES University card

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