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The CES University of Medellín competed in the final with the delegation of the Universidad del Rosario de Bogotá in the contest that took place in Mexico City.

Medellín, February 11, 2020. The most treasures! A group of six students and a teacher from the Faculty of Medicine of the CES University of Medellín, representing Colombia, were crowned the best students in Latin America, by occupying the first place in the International Contest of Medical Knowledge (CiCom 2020) that took place in Mexico.

Medical students who participated in the CiCom contest in Mexico

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

It was a kind of Olympics of knowledge in medicine where 28 groups from Mexico and Colombia attended, each one made up of six students and a teacher tutor; 23 of them from the Aztec country and only five Colombian groups from the CES, El Rosario, Los Andes, Manizales and Nacional universities, Bogotá headquarters. All of them were preselected by the organizing committee, the same students from the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

The CES University team, the only representative of the department of Antioquia, was made up of the academic coordinator Dr. Juliana Gaviria Serrano and the students representing each year of the degree: Susana Villegas Sánchez, María Clara Escobar Millán, Sofía Valencia Barrera, Julián Arango Trujillo, Tomás Giraldo Hinestroza and Captain Ricardo Cano Castaño.

The contest consisted of advancing through various stages or phases by groups, for three days. In each phase, groups were made up of various teams from the representative universities. Then, in the spaces, the teams of students had to answer a questionnaire with an average of 15 questions in just one minute or up to 45 seconds with topics ranging from preclinical sciences to specialties and subspecialties of medicine.

He told them he had a heart beat. I told them that they were a winning team, excellent people, they loved each other a lot from them. They had been studying together by group since November, they distributed the topics by the academic level in which they were”, Indicated Dr. Juliana Gaviria Serrano, fifth-year academic coordinator of the CES School of Medicine and the tutor who traveled with the team to Central America.

Tomás Giraldo Hinestroza, a third-year student, recounted that they experienced moments of tension during one of the elimination rounds. In each of them they had to answer questions related to areas such as embryology, genetics, surgery, anatomy, obstetrics and gynecology to pediatrics.

There was a very important moment, in the semifinals, a moment in which we started losing the round because we made a mistake in a question at the beginning because we answered it wrong and even so we were able to say, it does not matter, we recovered from this and then we knew that if we lost that round we were out and from the rest we got all the good questions. It was the moment when teamwork, motivation and not letting go in difficult moments were demonstrated."Said the future doctor.

For the CES University, the recognition of the training of doctors in the country with the highest human, ethical and scientific qualities in a training based on competencies, with a curriculum integrated by systems, and a permanent accompaniment to our students.

For us as a Faculty, it is enormous pride, pride in the training of our students, for their attitude and teamwork, camaraderie and technical-scientific knowledge and especially for their great human qualities. Likewise, we feel pride and satisfaction in the city and in the country because it is the first time that a Colombian School of Medicine has won this important international competition. Our students are truly demonstrating their commitment to excellence, our alma mater's motto.”, Expressed Dr. Ricardo Posada Saldarriaga, dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the CES University.

Team selection

The Head of Division of Undergraduate Medicine CES, Dr. Paula Catalina Vásquez Marín, explained that, for the selection of the winning team, the Faculty Promotion Committee was based on the principles and training of the student that characterizes CES University.

We sat down as the Promotions Committee and the academic coordinators, together with the knowledge we have of the students, and we selected students who met these criteria: first that they were excellent academically and technically, in addition to what we seek, that they be good human beings , that they knew how to work as a team, that they were respectful among themselves, that they had good communication and that they also had leadership and they knew how to put all that together”, Explained Dr. Vásquez Marín.

The CES University has participated for the third consecutive year in the CiCom, of the five editions that the contest has had. This time the Medicine students with the CES seal raised their commitment to excellence, on behalf of the future doctors of Colombia.

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