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Lulú is a three-year-old goat, who in 2016 arrived at the Veterinary and Zootechnical Center of the CES University without its two front legs, as the goat would have suffered serious animal abuse. The reason why they did it was because she went to other farms to steal the fruits.

The goat Lulú came from the municipality of Ciudad Bolívar, Antioquia, with serious injuries and infections in its front stumps. After two surgeries and a lot of care, she managed to recover, but after the most difficult recovery, another bigger challenge remained, and that was for Lulu to walk again.

Felipe Gómez Restrepo, veterinarian and Coordinator of the large species area, says that they chose to save Lulú's life, since he arrived as a baby goat, approximately eight months old, and they wanted to give him the opportunity to live and have a dignified life, “They began to develop prostheses to make it easier for Lulu to walk calmly. In reality, four prostheses have been made, it was a process of trial, error, trial error, measurements of the stumps were taken, 3D impressions were made and the prostheses began to be developed " says the veterinarian.

This iconic little goat is very crazy, says the veterinarian Gómez that Lulú, like all goats, is restless “So if you give Lulú the opportunity to have anything on the outside, she will eat it, eat the food of the other hospitalized patients, go into the mangers of other patients, or go out to look for the meccato of the other patients they bring to the clinic " laughs the doctor.

After several attempts it was achieved with the perfect prostheses, but on a hectic day for Lulú since she had several walks, the prostheses broke down, so 4 months ago for the fourth time she is wearing new shoes. The prostheses created for Lulu are made in 3D by a company called Animal Fix, this company specializes in animal prosthetics, the last prostheses took approximately 2 months, and Lulu's adaptation was almost immediate.

The Lulu goat eating grass

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