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The National Court of Professional Ethics of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics of Colombia, of which the doctor and teacher Santiago Henao Villegas is a member, is a control body that regulates the technical and scientific knowledge of the practice of veterinary medicine and zootechnics in the country.

For this 2020, the teacher and president of the court have new challenges, among them strengthening the ethics committees, which are the groups of professionals that come together to analyze the decision-making and ethical behavior of veterinary centers, as well as educational centers. of veterinary medicine and zootechnics in the country.

photograph of Dr. Santiago Henao Villegas

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

“The National Ethics Court had been doing a very good job in terms of research and evaluation of ethical procedures, but the idea and the big challenge we have for these three years is, on the one hand, to expand the borders, to know what others are doing. ethics courts of Latin American countries and begin to strengthen a little prevention in illegal actions in the union, ” said Henao Villegas.

Another purpose for the president and the magistrates of the Tribual is to create guide texts to strengthen the ethics of professionals in veterinary medicine, and thus minimize illicit actions such as surgery on animals without the required training.

According to Dr. Santiago Henao Villegas, "The idea is to approach the different regions and ethics committees, and let them know that if there are professionals acting illegally, they can be prosecuted, investigated and sanctioned", he concluded.

Until the year 2022 Dr. Henao Villegas will head the National Tribunal of Professional Ethics of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics, which is made up of 14 magistrates, 7 of them main and the rest alternates.


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