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We were ready! With success, the CES University overcame the first week of closure of its main headquarters in Medellín and the suspension of classes and face-to-face work activities, as part of the institutional measures adopted to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and promote the health and well-being of its community university. 

For example, between the week of March 16 to 20, 2,358 academic activities were developed between classes, exams, exhibitions, consultancies, consultancies and meetings through digital platforms enabled by the University and which had already been implemented since 2017, through of the programCES en casa,led by the virtual education center CES Virtual.

virtual class screenshot rendered by zoom

Photography: Courtesy CES Virtual

“From CES Virtual we continue to accompany the CES community through virtual support and training scenarios, it is evident that our teachers and students are committed to the CES strategy at home. The protocol that was defined for the contingency is still active, with much less support and requests, because thanks to the preparation that we have been doing to our teachers for more than two years, most of them have performed very well, ” said Catalina Calle Pineda, head of CES Virtual.

For its part, the administrative work did not stop either. From their homes, the workers also made use of applications such as Microsoft Teams, enabled by the institution for the development of their processes. For example, through the platform 330 meetings, 7,731 private chats, 1,639 group messages were carried out for a total of 9,700 administrative activities, reported the Information Technology area - IT-.

“The University is closed due to social isolation, but we continue to operate 100 percent in virtual mode, communication, classes, functioning as we did in person. The University is closed is so as not to develop contacts, but we continue 100 percent in a different educational strategy ”, stated Dr. Jorge Julián Osorio Gómez, rector of the University.

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