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Photo- Lost and found

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

We have all lost an object, some more important than others, but at the end of the day our carelessness has taken away lots of valuable things. It is said that they are valuable because these objects help us to carry our day-to-day life in the U with greater ease and comfort: thermos, divers, lunch boxes, headphones, cell phone and computer chargers, glasses, calculators; These are just some of the things found in the Lost Property Rooms of our University, also known as the Audiovisual and Maintenance Room.

Andrés Felipe Mansilla, a worker in the Audiovisual room, is one of those in charge of receiving and organizing lost things at the U:

"Once in a parking lot in building B a baby carriage was found and another day they brought a suitcase with a polisher," said Mr. Mansilla.

When someone brings an object to the audiovisual room, the staff spreads it out and mounts it to a system to keep an inventory of them. According to the Audiovisual and Maintenance office, 2,215 lost objects were taken to the office alone during the second half of 2019, with 522 items being September, the month with the highest number of reports.

The lost objects are kept for a month and if they are not claimed, they are packed in boxes and then taken to the Sustainability area where they are in charge of donating them.

In each building of the University there is a lost and found room, in A it is located on the second floor, in Building B, on the fourth floor next to the Office of Institutional Welfare and Human Development and in Building C it is located on the first floor next to the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences.

In case of the loss of an object, contact the following number:

  • 4440555

Building A: 1674
Building B: 1676
Building C: 1193

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