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The Sustainability area of the CES University began the projectHeart Guardians,in which it is sought to reinforce the knowledge in school subjects of some high school students from the Santa Cruz neighborhood, commune 2 of Medellín.

Anyone from the university community such as students, managers and teachers, or an external community who has knowledge of biology, physics, chemistry, Spanish, mathematics, geometry or statistics, and who wish to be the virtual tutors of these boys, can participate in the initiative.

These meetings have been taking place since June 16 through the Zoom platform from Tuesday to Thursday with the 11th grade students of the Villa del Socorro Educational Institution, which is also part of the programTiesde la U.

We have already held 10 meetings with the four 11th grade groups of the institution. The work began with the area of biology and we have already intervened more than 60 students from the different groups”, Said Sandra Milena Vásquez Peña, assistant in the Sustainability area.Screenshot of CES tutors helping other students

For the proper development of the tutorials, the volunteers must meet with the teachers of each area of the educational institution to review the study guides and thus be able to provide a virtual meeting that is faithful to the initial information that was intended to be dictated from the presence. .

WhenI received the invitation to participate, the idea seemed incredible to me and I decided to volunteer. This has been a supremely rewarding experience for me. So far I have been able to have 4 meetings with the groups in which we have worked theory, practical exercises and I have even been able to support them in subjects such as physics andchemistry. All the students have taken these spaces in the best way and have been very active and participatory”, Commented Sara Londoño Díaz, Pharmaceutical Chemistry student and volunteer atHeart Guardians.

Another way in which people can participate in this initiative is by donating a computer or tablet that is in good condition for the students of the school who do not have one to carry out their school work.

For those interested in volunteering, they must enter the followinglink and fill out the formthat they request there.

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