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Safeguarding life and stabilizing the patient, before being admitted to an emergency service, for example, is a vocation that runs through the skin of Manuel Zapata Londoño, a graduate of the Technology in Prehospital Care (TAPH) offered by the CES University in Medellín and Bogota.

In his day-to-day life, Manuel, a 27-year-old young man living in the municipality of Itagüí, recognizes that his profession, different from the work of the doctor or nurse, has allowed him to live experiences that have marked him professionally since his graduation year. in 2014. Since then he has provided his professional services in road consortiums, care programs in the Mayor's Office of Medellín, university teaching, among others.

“For Colombia, since 2001, when the CES University and other institutions took on the task of creating Prehospital Care, it began to gain importance because it began to see a before patients. There was always a before for some lifeguards, let's say they did their job with a lot of charisma, but there was no suitable job. Today patients experience prior care before entering a hospital and many times it is the APHs who solve patients' problems before they are admitted to an emergency service ”, noted the graduate.

Like Manuel Zapata, there are another 655 technologists in Pre-Hospital Care, 564 from Medellín and 91 from Bogotá, who graduate and become almost like 'heroes', with the mission of contributing to save lives while carrying out tasks in situ that allow the stabilization and maintenance of people's health conditions and their mobilization or transport to the indicated hospital unit, according to its classification and the patient's conditions. Also, they are focused on relief actions, the formation of industrial brigades, etc.

“The University of CES obtained registration to operate this program in 2002, which gives it 18 years of experience in TAPH training to date. It is a program that has matured and is oriented under the principles of excellence, for this reason we have high quality accreditation in the program, which was renewed in 2018 for six more years. In addition, with the experience gained, we opened the outreach program in the city of Bogotá at the FUCS Health University Foundation since 2011 ”, recalled Dr. María Eugenia Jaramillo, head of TAPH.

The University's Technology in Prehospital Care program has a renewal of the qualified registry, granted by the Ministry of National Education, through Resolution 15237 of December 18, 2019, for a period of 7 years in Medellín.

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