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Médica CES created an App for cancer patients

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

Dr. Valeria Arango Vélez, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine from CES University, who did his fellow in Integrative Medicine, created an app to monitor cancer patients calledHealing Presents.

The app can be used in any phase of this disease, from diagnosis to treatment, in order to contribute to their quality of life. In addition, as an aid it allows to identify the most recurrent symptoms of patients, which may be anxiety, insomnia, physical changes, diet, among others.

Patients diagnosed with cancer, although they receive a large number of medical treatments, are very alone in emotional management during their illness. This is why high levels of anxiety, fear, suffering and emotional stress arise. Approximately 55% of them present depressive and anxiety symptoms, aspects that are often forgotten or little addressed. For this reason, the app arises to provide more support tools to the patient”, Commented Dra. Arango.

This application based on mind / body therapies that have been scientifically proven, helps reduce the symptoms that arise, through meditation, mindfulness, relaxation technique, breathing exercises and visualization, facilitating well-being with states of calm and tranquility.

The instructions ofHealing PresentsThey are given by means of an audio (in English or Spanish) and a small text describing the option that the user chooses in the platform menu, whether it is chemotherapy, radiotherapy, for surgery or the options that help you face your new condition of life.

Healing Presents was one of the best gifts they gave me during my process, the application helped me manage the anxiety caused by the diagnosis, allowing me to focus on the present and on the visualization that it could turn out well. Hopefully everyone who has this disease can receive this gift that today is my anchor to the present moment"A patient diagnosed with breast cancer, a user of the app, told the Links Bulletin.

Another function that this application has is that of music therapy, this is an option that consists of offering melodies with therapeutic waves that help to facilitate states of calm. It can be downloaded to any device with an Android or IOS operating system and is already being used in countries such as Panama, the United States, China, Australia, Germany, Israel, England, Ireland, Colombia, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa.

"As an objective, this app wants to teach patients to have a more productive use of their emotions and thoughts, facilitating the active participation of patients by creating states of calm and tranquility," added the doctor Arango Vélez.

The app is not intended to replace conventional medical treatments, but rather to provide support to patients in this new stage of their lives. It was presented as an Abstract at the SIO congress: “Society for Integrative Oncology's 16th International Conference Advancing the Science & Art of Integrative Oncology,” which was led by the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

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