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María Alejandra García Hernández captured her ideas on her grandfather's typewriter at age 7, at her school Bethlemitas was part of the school newspaper called Gazapos, but as she grew older and also responsibilities she had to put writing aside to focus on her general practitioner career.

As of 2016, the doctor resumed writing and from there came the 9 stories that are part of the book On the other side of the tunnel, which tells the fictional stories that happen to several people with

Presentation of the book in Otraparte

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

different diseases and how in the way of life they are facing them. For example, the first chapter called "Looking straight ahead" refers to breast cancer: "They were two souls that vibrated in harmony with the beating of the same heart ... until chaos made its appearance."

At the time of writing, the author puts her favorite song to be inspired which is Nocturne 2 by the interpreter Chopin and at that moment she puts her imagination afloat with its characters and characteristics. The title On the other side of the tunnel relates him to medicine and to his grandfather.

“The relationship of the title of the book with my grandfather is because it is a story that deals with depression because a girl loses her grandfather, a person she has loved all her life and to get out of that depression she goes through the tunnel and when Passing by, he finds the remedy that his grandfather had hidden from him through a letter. My grandfather passed away 10 years ago and I had to go through the tunnel to find hope , "said the medical writer.

The book launch was held on October 10 at the Otraparte Café Museum located in Envigado, and had 30 guests who enjoyed the presentation of the work organized by Editorial CES.

As a new project, the writer García Hernández in company with Editorial CES is writing two books, one for boys and one for girls in order to prevent sexual abuse in minors.

In the Fundadores de la Universidad library there is the book On the other side of the tunnel available to its readers.


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