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The doctor Gloria María Vásquez Duque is a specialist in rheumatology and internal medicine, with a doctorate in Immunology and since 2001 she has been dedicated to research. He has several international publications, coordinates research groups at the University of Antioquia, where he is also an undergraduate and graduate teacher.

exemplary graduate

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

"Obtaining this recognition makes me feel very proud, initially because it comes from my alma mater, the university that opened the doors to a wonderful world such as medicine," said the scientist.

This graduate has contributed to the training of specialist doctors from Medellín; a little more than 90 scientific articles and 15 book chapters show his investigative capacity. In addition, an important path in science has been opened, without neglecting her role as wife, mother, sister and friend.

"I adore teaching, I have dedicated my professional life to doing and teaching science combining it with medical practice," adds the CES University doctor.

Like her, six other graduates of CES University were honored during the delivery of the Exemplary Graduate award on September 13, during a celebration that took place at the Club Campestre de Medellín.

The honorees were: Juan Francisco Chica Jiménez, veterinarian and zootechnician, Outstanding in public or private position; Nora María Cardona Castro, doctor, distinguished in Science and Innovation Research; Sara Jaramillo Gallego, veterinary doctor and zootechnician, Solidarity and social commitment; Natalia Sánchez Echeverri, psychologist, Culture, art and sport; Tatiana María Botero Duque, dentist, Outstanding abroad; and Diego Mauricio Tobón Calle, endodontist, outstanding teacher.

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