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CES and Wanitta Medicine

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

The “Cuídate Más” alliance between the CES University School of Medicine and the women's clothing brand Wanitta has been weaving since November 2019 and had its last stitches in a launch event that took place on March 7 in Medellín.

In the campaign, the role of the Faculty of Medicine is to deliver all the scientific support and validated material so that the information on women's health care is completely rigorous.

To be told what the project consists of, we spoke with Dr. María Carolina Córdoba Herrera, first and second year academic coordinator of the Faculty of Medicine and with Dr. Paula Catalina Vásquez Marín, Head of Division of the Faculty of Medicine .

“Cuídate Más in a strategic alliance between CES University and the Wanitta clothing brand that aims to promote education in women's health by providing tips for them to learn about topics such as: cervical cancer, breast cancer, health mental health, prevention of venereal diseases and sexual education ”, commented Dra. Carolina Córdoba.

“What we want to achieve is to empower women in their own health, that we help each other. Our impact group is women of reproductive age, and as a complementary strategy Wanitta will be supporting us with garments alluding to the project ”, commented Dr. Paula Catalina Vásquez Marín.

For its part, Wanitta as a clothing brand will be responsible for delivering this information through its clothing and various accessories with messages that are delivered at the time of a purchase in its physical stores.

“It is very important to us, since health is the most precious thing that a person can have and with this alliance the CES gives us a very large support in this regard. People are the most important thing for Wanitta and in this way we want to provide them with health, well-being and promote self-care ”, said Mónica Agudelo Hernández, director of Welfare and Social Responsibility of the company also spoke about the alliance.

During the launch of the campaign at Coworking CBOX on Las Palmas Avenue, teachers and medical students from CES University and employees of the clothing brand were in charge of showing the project to the attendees through stands where information was delivered on cancer, cardiovascular diseases, female reproductive system, in addition to having another stand where they were dedicated to conducting general reviews to attendees who so desired.

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