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The Inspection Body of the CES University is an entity that belongs to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics, which together with the veterinary laboratory of the Colombian Institute of Tropical Medicine (ICMT) and the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) advance the certification in farms producing meat and milk in the country.

"The Inspection Body of the CES University committed to the health of the herds of meat and milk production, is doing a job of monitoring, certification, recertification in brucellosis and bovine tuberculosis in the national territory," said Paula Palomino Cadavid, Coordinator of the CES Inspection Body.

The process has been carried out since March 2020 and so far 5 farms have been certified free of bovine brucellosis and 7 free of bovine tuberculosis in the department of Antioquia.Photograph of Farm with cows

This certification is very important because it is the guarantee that the product, in this case meat and milk, is optimal and healthy for consumption, assuring people of the quality of the food.

In the execution of this project, the ICMT is in charge of processing the blood samples taken and carrying out the tests for bovine brucellosis, those for tuberculosis are carried out by the veterinarians of the Inspection Body in each farm and after fulfilling the requirements, the certifications are delivered the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA).

“It is important to clarify that during these times of the COVID-19 pandemic, all visits to farms are made under the necessary biosecurity standards, to help guarantee the health of the herds of primary production, in this case of meat. and milk, ” said Dr. Palomino Cadavid.

The Inspection Body will continue to provide service at the national level throughout the year despite the contingency that the country is experiencing.

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