The Occupational Safety and Health area of CES University, with its objective of avoiding injuries and illnesses due to the working conditions of employees, shared 10 habits to make working from home healthier and more effective.

"We build these measures or habits in order to support our workers at home to protect their bodies, indicating which may be the best postures and what is essential for a good job, always advised by professional staff in this matter. ”Said Gloria María Arbeláez Álvarez, leader of Occupational Health and Safety.

Among the recommended habits, there are several that have to do with the organization to have a productive day, so it is recommended to structure it as if you were in the office and comply with working hours. It is also important to keep the station clean and organized with the work items, eliminating those that are not necessary.

On the other hand, they tell us about the importance of posture when carrying out work, avoiding at all costs working from bed to avoid discomfort in the body. In addition, you must remember to constantly change position to avoid musculoskeletal pain.

To better understand the importance of a good posture when working at home, the Links Newsletter spoke with Felipe Monsalve Vélez, professor of Physiotherapy at CES University.Photograph of laptop and notebook from CES University

“When we stay in the same position for a long time, the body begins to adopt different compensatory options to reduce tension. When we remain lying down for a long time, we favor sedentary behaviors that in the long run increases the risk of presenting cardiovascular, metabolic, musculoskeletal disorders, among others ”, pointed out the teacher Monsalve Vélez.

Other habits of vital importance are those that have to do with electrical energy, since you should avoid overloading the power connectors and disconnecting all electrical equipment at the end of the working day. It should be noted that it is also important to try to collect the cables that are under the work table to avoid any type of accident.

Last but not least, disinfect all the surfaces you use once the work day is over, in this way you can avoid contagion.

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