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A group of 34 graduate students from the University of Xochicalco in Mexico came to the capital of Antioquia, Colombia, to get to know the city and the entrepreneurship and innovation projects.

The students arrived thanks to the agreement between the Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences of the CES University of Medellín and the El Rosario University of Bogotá. The initiative lasted four days in which they visited the headquarters of companies such as: Metro de Medellín, Grupo Bios (Contegral SAS Y Finca), Ruta N and U. CES.

"The satisfaction was total, they left very grateful, very happy and this leaves the doors open to carry out these activities, more frequently, here in the city and at the Faculty ," said the extension coordinator of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economic Juan Carlos Escudero Montoya.

This program was carried out with the intention of strengthening ties with the Universidad del Rosario, the Mexican university and allies such as Ruta N and the Metro, without leaving aside the academy, since one of its objectives was to publicize the ecosystem of innovation since it is one of the strongest subjects of the Faculty.

At the end of this program, the students were given a diploma of graduation and attendance at the event signed by both the Universidad del Rosario de Bogotá and the Universidad CES headed by Dean Oscar Emiro Berrío Díaz.

Mexicans visiting Medellín

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